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CRP LTD is a primary purchaser of non-USA combat systems and support for these systems. Current projects for which we are the prime contractor include sizable programs related to fighter jet aircraft, tactical and strategic radar systems, spares and support for modern armor equipment, tactical communications systems, and the spectrum of air defense and undersea naval systems.

Purchase programs are constantly ongoing. We use the services of legally operating companies and foreign governmental agencies that are accredited by our control system. Our purchases range from small quantity contracts for a few spare parts and assemblies to multi-million US dollar purchases of significant combat equipment. Our experience with this ranges over the past twenty-five years.

For further information, candidate suppliers are invited to send their CV and intent to cp@crpltd.net or scan and send to CALXYN at SKYPE.  We have offices in several other nations that are experienced in handling these purchase programs. When licensed by USA authorities, we also arrange for Third Nation transfers and sales of surplus military equipment.

We may issue solicitations for certain products, so qualified suppliers are welcome to check back in case they may be able to satisfy our purchase orders. Needs constantly change, and our purchases are only for import into the USA unless otherwise stated and specifically licensed by an element of the United States Government. Interested international suppliers may contact us via cp@crpltd.net. If qualified, you may be added to our list of suppliers.