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CRP LTD distributes a variety of spy-ware that carries at least a one-year warranty. Current sales include clandestine digital recorders with 8-hour up to 60-hour recording capacity, disguised digital camera equipment, and special systems for clandestine tracking of vehicles, cargo or personnel.

All systems are highly affordable and have proven to possess significant reliability. Use of these systems pursuant to local law is the responsibility of the owner. Shown just below is one of our best sellers:

Need small? Need a pen that records high quality voice sound for corporate minutes?

This new generation pen recorder offers you the highest quality in a working digital recorder! The sharp-looking executive pen also functions as an extremely high quality digital audio recorder in either 8 or 60 hour models with a super sensitive amplified microphone. We have seen tiny audio pen recorders in the past and there were a lot of cheap ones on the market. However, nothing is better than these new generation top quality recorders. These pen recorders have a higher quality recording sound than the older generation professional grade pen recorders. They are perfect for investigative, interviewing and law enforcement functions. The super sensitive built-in microphone is of top quality that conforms to the executive appearance of this fine writing instrument. The pen is shipped with accessories, including an ear bud and extra pen inserts (you can actually write with it while it is recording). The microphone is so sensitive that you can just turn it on and leave it in your shirt pocket.

We have a special on this of $199 plus postage for the 8 hr model, and $299 plus postage for the 60 hr recorder. You can see in the picture below that the pen plugs into the USB port of your computer, where it recharges the battery and simultaneously plays back through your computer. See more description below:

Ways The Recorder Pen May Be Used:
• As a normal ballpoint pen to write.
• Record conversations with persons you are meeting, or for note taking.
• As an MP3 player to store and play your favorite songs.
• As a recorder to record meetings, conversations and lectures. (Recordings may be 
listened to directly from the pen or uploaded to your computer for playback.)
• As a flash drive to transport your important files.
• To take verbal notes while you are working.
• Very small, light-weight, and suitable to reside in your shirt pocket.

Why This New Generation Recorder Is The Best In The Marketplace!
• The built-in Microphone is very high quality and sensitive, it has superior sound recording 
quality (crystal clear recording) and may clearly record sounds from 10 meters away.
• The keys are very sensitive, and respond quickly when depressed.
• The size of the push keys is moderate, so it is very easy for users with big fingers.

Hi Quality Top of the Line Product Features:
• Built in FLASH memory (64 MB or 512 MB)
• High Quality MP3 and WMA, ASF music Format Playback.
• Included USB Cable Connector easily Docks to any USB jack.
• Without LCD Display.
• Up to 60 Hours Of Superb Quality Digital Voice Recording in WAV audio format.
• A-B Repeat playback.
• USB Bus Battery recharge function (recharges when plugged into computer).
• Built-in 3.7V re-chargeable Li-Ion Battery.
• Up to 8 hr MP3 playback time.
• Compatible with Windows 98 SE, Windows/2000/ME/XP, Mac 9.X or above.
• Metal casing.
• USB 2.0 Full speed.
Included Accessories:
• Necklace Style Earphone
• USB Cable
• CD Disc
• Instruction Manual
• DC/AC Adaptor (input: AC 100V to 240V, 50-60Hz)

• It is 16.5mm x 15.1mm

• Covered by one year limited warranty

CRPLTD Group of Companies web site www.crpltd.net 

We also distribute a full line of products including cameras or recorders disguised by incorporation in wristwatches, tie tacks, and small lighters. We have in stock phone taps, voice disguise devices, and other special equipment. Ask about your needs with full confidence about privacy.