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CRPLTD GROUP Of COMPANIES, including BEL Corporation and VSG LTD

CRP LTD has operated internationally since 1988 as an independent Military Security Assistance and corporate holding company. It is privately held, and has several Divisions focused on products and services for military operations, law enforcement, and civilian use. The corporation holds various licenses from Departments of Treasury, Justice, Defense and State.  

We have an internationally established presence in many nations friendly toward the USA. Offices and personnel have completed projects in Europe, Central Europe, South Asia, Asia, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East. These foreign offices appropriately provide direct support to End Users located outside the USA.

Proprietary products include 12 Gauge shotgun slug ammunition trademarked with the name DYNASLUG; alcoholic beverage production and wholesale operations; and production of small arms ammunition in all popular calibers. Colleagues operate under contract to produce and support Virtual Reality full-motion training systems for aircraft, armor, and other manned systems. We also distribute Night Vision Systems (NVS), SpyWare, and clandestine tracking systems. Finally, we are a major consultant contractor to the US Government for Foreign Material Acquisition. 

Contact us via E-mail to CP@CRPLTD.NET or telephone to 703-455-3575 in the USA.
E-mail is preferred.