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DYNASLUG Trademarked Line of Shotgun Ammunition

DYNASLUG is a 12 Gauge shotgun slug ammunition especially suited to hunting large game. Two versions are sabot slugs; one is for smoothbore or rifled barrels but without sabot.  Ballistic testing at our factory indicates that accuracy and energy at impact are sufficient to stop any large game such as bear, deer, elk and similar.  As just related above, it is equally suitable for smoothbore and rifled bore shotguns. In general, our ballistics engineers have proven by testing that achieved accuracy is the same whether using rifled or smoothbore shotguns.

National Rifle Association members may obtain discounts by contacting us at cp@crpltd.net or by SKYPE to name CALXYN.

Use of shotgun slug ammunition is often mandated by law. For example, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in Virginia voted in 2006 to ban buckshot in hunting and removed a former prohibition on slugs. This action was reportedly requested by the Virginia state game warden. These officials stated they view slugs as safer for hunters and more humane for game. Unfortunately, this rule was just reversed for 2007. However, this same rule mandating use of slugs still applies to the Quantico Marine Corps Base which also hosts many facilities for the FBI. This new ordinance at Quantico took effect during the fall 2006 hunting season. Other states, such as Maryland, also mandate use of slugs for large game hunting.

The basic round of our slug trilogy is the big game full-caliber slug designed for one of the most dangerous animals hunted in North America – Bear.  DYNASLUG, at nearly one full ounce of lead, is the hardest-hitting slug we manufacture for sporting purposes.  Energy is 2175 ft-lbs.
The special construction of the lead slug blossoms upon impacting its target. This results in extremely high stopping energy.   This slug incorporates a state-of-the-art plastic stabilizer that stays with the slug through impact.

The sub-caliber Buster slug design is like that of the express round shown next below.  However, it is designed for a more dangerous prey – wild boar.  This slug is made of lead and weighs 1/10th of an ounce more than the express.  The lead material and increased weight allow the slug to mushroom more readily, while imparting greater energy at or near impact of 1587 ft-lbs – a hard-hitting round!

DYNASLUG express              
The express sub-caliber slug, weighing .53 oz, is extremely fast down-range at a blistering 1757 feet per second (fps).  Accuracy is increased through incorporation of a state-of-the-art fin stabilizer that stays with the slug through impact.
The slug is made of brass and shaped as five inverted cups designed to collapse, one upon the other, creating a highly effective mushroom effect after penetration.

Other web site: These three types may be reviewed at www.dynaslug.com . The shotgun slugs are only currently available from major distributors specifically selected by CALXYN LTD. We are soliciting for distributors in the areas of the USA that includes the Central Time Zone and westward.

CALXYN Ordnance designs are proprietary and stocks are only available to FFL-licensed distributors in wholesale lots.  These products incorporate the latest technologies and each design has been thoroughly tested based on internationally accepted ISO quality standards at the factory.

For more information, or to be considered for a distributorship, you may contact Ed Henderson by fax to 703.590.5610 or by e-mail to edwardh@dynaslug.com . Alternatively, you may contact Charles Petty by e-mail to cp@crpltd.net or toll free at 877.832.1146.

CALXYN ORDNANCE receives e-mail at cp@crpltd.net.

We also handle special purpose shotgun ammunition, such as the rubber ball 12 Ga. rounds shown just below:

The ammunition from our production program designated as models DK-1 and DK-2 is intended for preventive action in suppressing demonstrations. It causes a short shock effect without any serious injuries to demonstrators if the ammunition is properly used. Both models belong to the so called anti riot ammunition.

Both models of cartridges are provided with the plastic case charging, gauge 12. They are intended for use with smoothbored guns i.e. for shotguns. As the pressures of firing the rubber pellet cartridges are relatively low, the semiautomatic mode of operation of the firearm is not recommended. However, a firearm with pump action system can be used. Pressures of the powder gases are in compliance with the C.I.P. international standard.

Both models of the cartridges are intended for use with shotguns having the cartridge chamber length of 70 mm, but those with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm can also be used. However, in such a case, the pellet speed is decreased because of certain losses of gases. 


This model of cartridge is charged with one pellet of 18.5 mm diameter in a plastic case of 70 mm length. The case is provided with a metal head, height of 12 mm. The pellet is made of rubber, hardness of 60-85 Shor.

DK-1 is intended for use at medium shooting distances, 15-30 m. It is not recommended for use at distances bellow 10 m due to the possible fatal consequences.

The ammunition is packed first in micro containers of 25 pcs. and then in transport boxes of 250 pcs.

The approximate mass of the pellet is 3 g and of the cartridge 14 g.

Cartridge marking, on the cases as well as on the boxes, may be altered to the customer's  request depending on an order being of sufficient quantity..


This model of cartridge is charged with nine pellets of 8.5 mm diameter in a plastic case, gauge 12. The case is provided with a metal head, height of 12 mm. The pellet hardness is the same as in the previous description.

The pallet speed is 375 m/s, measured at 0.1 m from the bore mouth.

The level of the firing noise is 125 dB approx. measured from the distance of 10 m from the bore mouth (bore outlet).

This model is intended for use at somewhat shorter distances than the previous one i.e. at distances of 10-15 m and not shorter than 5-6 m!

The total mass of all nine pellets is 3 g and of the whole cartridge is the same as in the previous case, 14 grams.

The micro packing is 25 pcs. The macro packing is 250 pcs.

The marking may be performed in accordance with the customer's request. Otherwise, our standard CRP LTD markings are used.

The pellet speed in both models can be adjusted in accordance with the customer's specification! The maximum range is of no essential importance. The effective range mentioned above is its essential feature. (For example, one US Government user specified that the rounds come in two powers as a feature provided by altering propellant weights.)


CALXYN Ordnance is a subsidiary of BATFE licensed CRPLTD. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, CRPLTD also handles:

- Special ammunition for police, military and special operations. In some cases, we are the only source for such as 9mm armor piercing rounds of our unique designs.
- Small arms for military, police and special operations. We also arrange small arms stock for currently licensed distributors. We do not sell small arms to non-governmental buyers. 

 - CALXYN Ordnance is able to use the international contacts of CRPLTD to consult on a variety of ordnance-related programs.

- Special needs are considered for all calibers including artillery rounds when the required specifications are in writing.