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CRPLTD has operated internationally since 1988 as an independent Military Security Assistance and corporate holding company. We are privately owned and business information is not shared with uninvolved persons. Walk-in business and phone inquiries from unknown persons are not solicited. Federal CAGE codes and DUNS numbers are furnished when appropriate. CRPLTD Group of Companies also perform contract engineering and scientific services for RDTE and Training. Key personnel are retired from senior level military, Federal Civil Service and commercial activities. They represent the highest levels of unique professional capabilities.

Top management has functioned overtly for the US Government during international assistance programs ranging through the gamut of global military activities for the Free World. Programs administered include working with the U.K. during the Falklands Conflict, with UAE during the first Gulf War, with many nations in Africa during periods of strife, and the top manager of CRPLTD was partially responsible for the Free World's largest security assistance program during the Vietnam era.

Other experience includes non-public activities designed to assist friends and allies of the USA  with regional projects for the preservation of their sovereignty, and by support for their total infrastructure. All projects were licensed by the appropriate USA authorities.

CRP LTD is a prime contractor for the US Government. We provide materiel, services and training for the US Government and several approved nations. We are uniquely qualified to provide follow-on logistics and virtual reality training support for Russian-type military systems. We also arrange to manufacture to order for approved nations full size ISR aircraft and watercraft. We perform the same services for intermediate and smaller autonomous UAV and watercraft, including models outfitted for lethal actions - when licensed.