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We currently distribute several models of Night Vision Systems for military, law enforcement personnel and other ethical uses. Our most acceptable models encompass over fifty different types for the entire range of normal uses. Our marine models are waterproof, and one model floats when dropped in the water. They all carry a limited lifetime warranty, which includes a three year guarantee on the image intensification tube.

Our systems include pulsed IR back-up for instances when there is absolutely no ambient source of light, such as within a warehouse or the hold of a ship. We also stock the new digital night vision systems that have advanced recognition capability and show the subject in black & white colors, rather than the normal green tint views. We are currently selling these to law enforcement agencies and the US Government.

Our equipment may be mated to cameras, computer systems, and similar security applications. Besides binoculars and monocular equipment, we also handle rifle scopes, long range border security systems, and even directional microphones that may be rail mounted on the rifle scope assembly or similar mounting rails.

We handle Gen 1, 2, 2+ and 3 systems.

We also provide FAA-approved night vision flight training and NVS goggles for helicopter and jet pilots. Needless to say, these sytems are also satisfactory for transport and utility pilots.

Our staff is experienced in modification of aircraft and watercraft interior instrumentation that accommodates night vision equipment. All work and training conforms to US FAA standards.