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The CRPLTD Group of Companies offers a wide variety of services and equipment to approved clients. Examples include:

1. Virtual Reality Full Motion training for aviators, air defenders, tankers and operations center personnel. These items are manufactured both in the USA and overseas. We offer on-site technical assistance after sale, and multi year warranties. Please refer to the Visual Reality Training section for more detail.

2. A full variety of watercraft ranging from patrol boats, picket boats, ambulance and firefighting craft, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) craft, autonomous surface and underwater low-profile boats, and others ranging up to more than 100 feet in length.

3. Professional security services and training. Focus on personal protection or a group of related personnel. When necessary, we teach and support trade-craft, internet security, VIP escort, and related support personnel. Principals are invited to meet the program manager in the Washington, DC area or as complimentary resort guests within an hour of Washington, DC. Decision makers must be prepared to state their overall needs so that any project may be task-organized.

4. We offer training and equipment for anti-&-counterterrorism forces, SWAT teams, and other disciplines. Our personnel have over eight years experience in operating a major AT/CT program for an entity of the US Government.

5. Modern extremely high energy small arms ammunition for police, military and special operations forces. Our "blockbuster" rounds stop a terrorist vehicle with one shot into the engine. Light armor will not stop these rounds!